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Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (1990)

Gary Moore (born Robert William Gary Moore, 4 April 1952, Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a Northern Irish guitarist and singer. In a career dating back to the 1960s, he has played with artists including Thin Lizzy, BB King, Colosseum II, Greg Lake and the Blues-rock band Skid Row, as well as having a successful solo career. Among many cameo appearances over the years, he performed the lead guitar solo on "She's My Baby" from Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3.

Moore grew up on a road opposite Stormont, off the Upper Newtownards Road in east Belfast and started performing at a young age, having picked up a battered acoustic guitar at the age of eight, and got his first quality guitar at the age of fourteen, learning to play the right-handed instrument in the standard way despite being left-handed. Like so many others, Moore's early influences were artists such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Later, having seen Jimi Hendrix and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in his home town of Belfast, his own style was developing into a blues-rock sound that would come to dominate his career. His largest influence in the early days came from Peter Green, of Fleetwood Mac fame, who acted as a mentor when Moore was playing in Dublin. Green continued to influence Moore, and Moore later paid tribute to Green in his 1995 album Blues for Greeny, an album consisting entirely of Peter Green compositions. On the album Moore played Peter Green's celebrated 1959 Les Paul standard guitar which Green had loaned to Moore after leaving Fleetwood Mac. Moore ultimately purchased the guitar, at Green's request, so that "it would have a good home".

Gary Moore has remained relatively unknown in the US, although his work has "brought substantial acclaim and commercial success in most other parts of the world - especially in Europe". Moore has throughout his career been recognised as an influence to many guitarists such as Randy Rhoads, John Sykes and Kirk Hammett.

Over his long career, Gary Moore has been anything but predictable in his style and genre, at times to the dismay and confusion of his fans and critics alike, ranging from an amalgam of rock, jazz, blues and country, to traditional electric blues, to hard rock, heavy metal and more. Although primarily recognized as a blues-rock artist, his variations and versatility are no more evidenced than by a glimpse at some of his collaborations including such diverse acts/artists as George Harrison, Trilok Gurtu, Dr. Strangely Strange, Colosseum II, Albert Collins, Jimmy Nail, Mo Foster, Ginger Baker, Jim Capaldi, Vicki Brown, Cozy Powell, The Beach Boys, Gary Husband, Ozzy Osbourne and Andrew Lloyd Webber, to name a few.

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Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (1990)

A lot of people will pass off Gary Moore as a one hit wonder, a lot of people have probably never even heard of him, but once you hear one of his rock, or blues records, you will fall in love with his sheer amazing ability. Gary Moore started out by forming Skid Row in 1970, and then drifted in and out of monsterous Irish rockers, Thin Lizzy, lending his hand to Phil Lynott's band on many an occasion, whether it be finishing off an album, or playing in Lizzy's electric live shows. But Gary yearned for more, a successful solo career beckoned and when his first album stalled in 1973, he went back to playing in Lizzy, as well as Colosseum II and a few Greg Lake solo records before returning to his solo career in 1979, releasing a top ten single with Phil Lynott, then going on to release a series of powerful rock records throughout the 80's, all to marginal success....Then he things changed.

Gary returned to his first love, the Blues, and released this corker of a record, 'Still Got The Blues'. This really put Gary on the map of success, spawning 2 massive hits, 'Still Got The Blues' and 'Walking By Myself', still 2 remaining staples in his live sets today. This album also contains special guest contributions by Albert king, Albert Collins and George Harrison.

Tracks: (Click a song, LISTEN online or download for study.)
01 Moving On
02 Oh Pretty Woman
03 Walking By Myself
04 Still Got The Blues
05 Texas Strut
06 Too Tired
07 King Of The Blues
08 As The Years Go Passing By
09 Midnight Blues
10 That Kind of Woman
11 All your Love
12 Stop Messin Around

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