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Kip Winger - From the Moon to the Sun (2008)

Kip Winger is an American rock musician, member of the hard rock band Winger and a solo artist. Born as Charles Frederick Kip Winger in Denver, Colorado, on June 21, 1961, to parents who were jazz musicians. Music was a way of life since childhood. He grew up playing in a band named Blackwood Creek with brothers Nate, Paul and friend Peter Fletcher (currently in Pigmy Love Circus). Blackwood Creek broke up in 1980.

At 16 he began studying classical music after being exposed to the likes of Debussy, Ravel, and Stravinsky in ballet class. Also at age 16,Justify Full he sent a demo tape to Alan Parsons, to which he received a personal reply from Alan himself. Years later, when Kip was chosen to be the lead singer of the Alan Parsons Project, he presented Alan with that very letter from 30 years prior.

In 1982 he moved to New York City and waited tables while studying Composition with Edgar Grana. His first big commercial break came in 1984 when he co-wrote a song for the group KIX's third album Midnite Dynamite. During that time he was working closely with producer Beau Hill, recording bass and vocals on various records. While Reb Beach was working on Fiona Flannigan's Beyond The Pale record at Atlantic studios, Kip and Reb were introduced to each other and later began recording demos. Later, in 1985, Winger joined Alice Cooper's band. After making two albums with Alice, Kip left in March 1987 to focus on his own band.

Kip went back to New York to work on songs with Reb Beach. They were joined by drummer Rod Morgenstein and keyboard player Paul Taylor. They initially performed under the name Sahara, but eventually changed their name to Winger per Alice Coopers suggestion. Winger released three of its seven albums (Winger in 1988, In the Heart of the Young in 1990, and Pull in 1993) before their first break up in 1994.

Kip then moved to New Mexico to work on his solo career and study with Richard Hermann at the University of New Mexico. Tragedy struck Kip in 1996 when his first wife Beatrice was killed in an automobile accident. He worked and recorded three solo records in Santa Fe, New Mexico: "This Conversation Seems Like a Dream", "Songs From The Ocean Floor", and "Made By Hand"

In 2002 He moved to Nashville and began working on his fourth solo record, "From The Moon To The Sun," which he co-produced with Cenk Eroglu. In September 2006, Kip reformed Winger, with the Pull-era line-up, to record the band's fourth studio album, IV, and to go on tour to support it.
During their 2006 tour, Winger recorded "Winger Live". Kip has since reformed his original band, Blackwood Creek, and is mixing for a new release in early 2009.

Kip Winger has recently completed a twenty minute symphonic piece, "Ghosts," written for strings, piano, and harp for a ballet commission. He is currently studying with composer Michael Kurek.

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Kip Winger - From the moon to the Sun (2008)
Kip Winger - Vocals, Bass, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synth
Cenk Eroglu - Guitars, Keyboards, Effects
Andy Timmons - Guitars

Alan Pasqua - Piano
Noble Kime - Piano
Ken Mary - Drums
Rod Morgenstein - Drums
David Davidson - ViolinCello - John Catchings

"From the Moon to the Sun" is Kip Winger's 4th latest stab at artistic expression, in the form of a solo album. Sometimes sleepy, othertimes ghostly, a few Westcoast bleach washed moments and a couple of dark moody tracks to disturb the atmosphere now and then, this is a disc of variety and conscious soul stirring. The tracks have meaning and purpose, laying down the rules of love, the laws of life and a few stabs at storytelling inbetween. It will not appeal to everyone but does have its niche, and comes off much more polished and focused than his meandering "This Conversation Seems Like a Dream". Kip's solo work is far, no - lightyears removed from his melodic excess 80s days as well, and has none of those fun, partying, lust obsessed fluff tracks. I suppose it would have been a bit creepy to have a more mature Kip singing with a leer about teenage girls in this day and age. These are dire, serious pieces, sometimes cynical, and a few with hope. Kip is a man who has been put through his paces and had his limits tested and his musical output reflects those trials and tribulations he has faced down in his own life's journey. Now whether that groundwork makes for a compelling listen depends on how the tune unravels.

Tracks: ( Download, extract and use Media Player)
01 Every Story Told
02 Nothing
03 Where Will you go
04 Pages and Pages
05 Ghosts
06 In your eyes Another Life
07 Runaway
08 California
09 What We Are
10 One Big Game
11 Why
12 Reason To Believe
13 Monster Remix (European Bonus Track)

Kip lived with Rachel Hunter before she married Rod Stewart. Several songs were written about her on Wingers earlier CDs. Kip lost his first wife in a car accident in 1996. He has since remarried.

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