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Quiet Riot - Discography

Quiet Riot was an American heavy metal band whose 1983 US Festival appearance helped to solidify metal's image. They are best known for their hit singles "Cum on Feel the Noize" and "Metal Health." They were founded in 1973 by guitarist Randy Rhoads and bassist Kelly Garni, under the name Mach 1. The original line-up featured lead vocalist the late Kevin DuBrow, Rhoads, Garni, and drummer Drew Forsyth. Dee Snider was a lead vocal list for two years, before forming Twisted Sister.

In a radio interview given by the band in 1979 and available here, DuBrow said the band's name was born of a conversation with Rick Parfitt of British band Status Quo in which Parfitt said he'd like to name a band "Quite Right".They are ranked at number 100 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock." Quiet Riot also has a notable iconic heavy metal mascot. Their mascot resembles a man (modeled by the artist himself, Grammy Award winning illustrator Stan Watts of Cedar Park, Texas) in a metal facial mask and in a straightjacket (somewhat similar to Hannibal Lecter) which has appeared on almost every single Quiet Riot album. This mascot has been considered alongside Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead, Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head, Motörhead's Snaggletooth B. Motörhead, A.K.A Warpig as enduring familiar heavy metal symbols.

Band History:
The original four members recorded their debut album Quiet Riot, or QR I, which was released in Japan in 1977. Months later, bassist Kelly Garni left the band. The second album Quiet Riot II, or QR II, was recorded at The Record Plant and released in Japan in 1978. Although Garni's replacement Rudy Sarzo was pictured and credited on 'QR II', he did not join before its recording. In 1979 Rhoads auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne's band after the editors of a small, Los Angeles based magazine, Raw Power (including future Liquid Blue singer Scott Stephens) asked Dana Strum to contact Randy to see if he would be interested. Six months after the audition, Osbourne hired Randy. DuBrow and Forsyth tried to keep the band together following Rhoads' departure, with the addition of guitarist Greg Leon and former Suite 19 bassist Gary Van Dyke During this period of 1980-1982, the band's name was changed to DuBrow.

Following Rhoads' death in a plane crash on March 19, 1982, DuBrow attempted to reform Quiet Riot. None of the other original members were interested, so Tony Cavazo's brother, Carlos, whom he had played with in LA locals Snow, joined as lead guitarist, Sarzo re-joined the band on bass, and Rudy's friend, drummer Frankie Banali, completed the lineup.

In September 1982, with a little help from producer Spencer Proffer (who'd produce W.A.S.P.'S 2nd album The Last Command in 1985), they were signed to CBS records in America. On March 11, 1983, their American debut album Metal Health was released. (Their two previous albums, QR I and QR II, have still not been released in the United States).

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Quiet Riot - Metal Health (1983)
Metal Health is the third album by American heavy metal band Quiet Riot. It is their first record without guitarist Randy Rhoads. It was released on March 11, 1983, bolstered by the #5 hit "Cum on Feel the Noize" and the #31 hit "Metal Health". It knocked The Police's Synchronicity out of #1 in the U.S.,making it the first heavy metal album to go #1. The album went on to sell more than 6 million copies and is considered a classic among heavy metal fans to this day. However, some critics such as Allmusic, perceive it as a one-hit wonder, owing to Quiet Riot's relative lack of critical and commercial success with following albums (and subsequent disintegration) towards the end of the 1980s. The title track was ranked #35 on Vh1's 40 Greatest Metal Songs.

Tracks: (Listen Online as you click the song or Download for study)
01. Metal Health (DuBrow/Cavazo/Sarzo/Banali) 5:16
02. Cum on Feel the Noize (Holder/Lea) 4:51
03. Don't Wanna Let You Go (DuBrow/Cavazo) 4:42
04. Slick Black Cadillac (DuBrow) ** 4:12
05. Love's a Bitch (DuBrow) 4:11
06. Breathless (DuBrow/Cavazo) 3:51
07. Run for Cover (DuBrow/Cavazo) 3:38
08. Battle Axe (Cavazo) 1:38
09. Let's Get Crazy (DuBrow) 4:08
10. Thunderbird (DuBrow) 4:43
11. Danger Zone (DuBrow) * 5:06
12. Slick Black Cadillac (live) (DuBrow) * 5:14

* On Metal Masters Remaster*
* "Slick Black Cadillac" is a re-recorded version of the same song from Quiet Riot II.

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Quiet Riot - Condition Critical (1984)
This album was not nearly as successful as its predecessor in either fan reaction or sales, although it did sell over 3 million copies, debuting at #15 on the billboard charts. Like the band's previous album, it also featured a Slade cover song as the second track.

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Quiet Riot - III (1986)

Tracks: (Listen Online as you click the song or Download for study)
01. Main Attraction - 4:43
02. The Wild and the Young - 3:37
03. Twilight Hotel - 4:35
04. Down and Dirty - 3:15
05. Rise or Fall - 4:01
06. Put Up or Shut Up - 4:07
07. Still of the Night - 4:42
08. Base Case [bass solo] - 0:59
09. The Pump - 4:02
10. Slave to Love - 3:55
11. Helping Hands - 4:13

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The Following Albums are soon to be Posted...

Quiet Riot (Japan only) 1977
Quiet Riot II (Japan only) 1978
Metal Health (1983)
Condition Critical (1984)
Quiet Riot III (1986)
Quiet Riot (1988)
Terrified (1993)
Down to the Bone (1995)
Alive and Well (1999)
Guilty Pleasures (2001)
Rehab (2006)

Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of the band for the majority of its existence, was found dead in his Las Vegas, Nevada home at approximately 5:20 p.m. on Sunday, November 25, 2007. The cause of death was ruled a cocaine overdose. Quiet Riot disbanded after the death of their lead singer.

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Quiet Riot - Live & Rare

Tracks: (Listen Online as you click the song or Download for study)
01. Let's get Crazy
02. Condition Critical
03. Run For Cover
04. Swinging Lumber
05. Winners Take All
06. Cum On Feel The Noize
07. Metal Health
08. Danger Zone
09. Gonna Have a Riot
10. Thunderbird (Demo)
11. Love's a Bitch (Demo)
12. Let's get Crazy (Demo)