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Extreme - Discography

Extreme is an American rock band, headed by frontmen Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt, that reached the height of their popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Among some of Extreme's musical influences are Queen and Van Halen. (Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt joined Queen onstage at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992 and Gary Cherone joined Van Halen in 1996); The band have described their music as 'Funky Metal'.

Selling over 10 million albums worldwide with their 1990 album Pornograffitti, which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200, and was certified gold in May 1991 and 2×platinum in October 1992. That album featured the acoustic ballad single "More Than Words", which reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in the United States.

Extreme was formed in Malden, Massachusetts, in 1985. Vocalist Gary Cherone and drummer Paul Geary were in a band called The Dream ("Extreme" is a derivation of Cherone and Geary's former band "The Dream", meaning "Ex-Dream"). Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt was in a band called Sinful, and bassist Pat Badger was playing with a Berklee-based outfit called In The Pink. Following an altercation between the rival groups over communal dressing rooms, the four decided to form a new band together.

Cherone and Bettencourt began writing songs together and the band played numerous shows in the Boston area. They gradually developed a strong local following, and were named "Outstanding Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Act" at the Boston Music Awards in 1986 and 1987. The
band had accumulated several original songs by the time A&R director Bryan Huttenhower signed them to A&M Records in 1988. The band then recorded their self-titled debut album which was issued in 1989. The first single was "Kid Ego," a song that Cherone would later admit made him cringe. The final track on the album, "Play With Me," was used as the "mall chase" song in the film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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Extreme - Pornograffitti (1990)

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for Study)
01. Decadence Dance - 6:49
02. Li'l Jack Horny - 4:51
03. When I'm President - 4:21
04. Get The Funk Out - 4:24
05. More Than Words - 5:34
06. Money (In God We Trust) - 4:11
07. It ('s a Monster) - 4:24
08. Pornograffitti - 6:15
09. When I First Kissed You - 4:00
10. Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) - 3:38
11. He-Man Woman Hater (with intro) - 6:20
12. Song For Love - 5:55
13. Hole Hearted - 3:39

The vinyl LP version did not feature "Hole Hearted".
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