Friday, December 18, 2009

RP Band - Discography (OPM / Rock)

RP Band - Strange Storms
2nd Album of RP band (aka. Rock Project), released 1988. This Legendary band composed of Bob Aves (Guitarist) and (Rock Vocalist) Goff Macaraeg. "Damsel of Distress", "You" & "Starlight Blue" Were among the hits being airplayed by NU 107 during the 1980's. Since the release of their 1st album Street Legal (1986), OPM Rock has never been the same.

Anyone who listens to their music is being transported 10 years ahead of Rock music, because of Bob's guitar sound. And lyricist / singer Goff made it possible that his high vocal range made us think this is a "Foreign Band".

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download For Study)
* Uploaded Jan 2012
01. Strange Storms
02. You
03. Wheel Of Love
04. Damsel In Distress
05. Wild West
06. Don't Shake It
07. Top Secret
08. Starlight Blue

Bob Aves with his 12 String guitar

Goff Macaraeg - Playing "In the Garden of Eden"