Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anak Bayan - Anak Bayan (1977) (OPM / Pinoy Rock)

Anak Bayan - originally released in 1977 [although recorded in 1973], this collection shows the influence of Western progressive music and culture, but has a truly unique approach, a classic slice of 'Pinoy Rock'! Psych legends and underground gypsy artist ANAK BAYAN. This is a white rabbit style effort with very Psychedelic leads, movements and fuzz. A classic and must be heard to be described, Pinoy Rock and Jeepney Rock were the local names for this Psych rock movement. Members of ANAK BAYAN were actually the original core musicians of the legendary Juan de la Cruz Band. Drummer Edmond Fortuno's previous band D'swooners were so big in Japan and his wild drumming style really stood out from the rest that he eventually caught the attention of the Plastic Ono band who offered him a drumming stint... Unfortunately, he had to go home. These songs are a collection of recordings that were done in 1973 and were lost for almost 4 years until the tapes resurfaced in '77. It was then mixed and released under A&W records. This is the only album this supergroup ever came out with, and all the original members, except for the sax player, have passed away.

AnakBayan (1971-1977):
Edmond Fortuno (deceased) - drum,
Sonny Tolentino (deceased) - bass guitar,
Alex Cruz - saxophone,
Bing Labrador (deceased) - keyboard,
Vic Naldo (deceased) - lead guitar.

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download For Study)
01. Ang Probinsyana
02. Tayo'y Magpapawis
03. Habang Buhay
04. Tayo'y Magsayaw
05. Bangungot
06. Double Crosser
07. Laging May Kinabukasan
08. Jeepney Rock

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