Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fire - Fire (Debut Album)

Fire is a rock duo (Ana & Soraya) emerged in The Philippines during the 1980's-1990's. Ana wrote the song "heartbreak" for Fire but never intended to give it to Manilyn Reynes. Soraya is a muslim princess. Her dad was a datu and her mother a Christian..but Soraya never hated her dad. He was killed in an amubush when he was the mayor of Cotabato. Soraya's mom died of hepatitis after 4 years and Soraya went to Manila later to be known as the rebel princess.

Tracks (Listen Online or Download for Study)

01. Teka
02. Heartbreak
03. Mag-Rock n Roll
04. Sige Na, Sige Na
05. One Of Them
06. Babae
07. Ganyan Lang Ang Pagsubok
08. Ang Barkada

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