Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hayp - Hayp (Debut Album.1991) OPM

HAYP - was form back in the late 80's, won the national battle of the bands, Cynthia Ayala Alexander won the Best Bass Player Award at the Yamaha Band Explosion National Finals in 1989 and again "Best Bass Player Award" at the 1989 World Band Explosion Finals held in Tokyo. The band’s debut album was released in 1991 on Wea records.

This album hit the airwaves with their hit songs "Elaine" and "I'll wait for you". Hayp were regulars at Manila underground venues such as Club Dredd and Mayric's.
There's lack of info what happen to this Band.

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Jr. Guerrero - vocals,
Noel Mendez - guitars,
Cynthia Ayala Alexander - bass,
Mike Llacar - keyboards,
Pierre Dominguez - drums

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for study)
I'll Wait For You (4:17)
Caught In The Crossfire (4:31)
Ngayon Ang Panahon (4:00)
Landas (4:23)
Hanggang Sa Muli (3:38)
LRT Swing (4:38)
Elaine (5:06)
I Dream Of You (4:53)
Sama-Sama (4:56)

Noel Mendez (Guitars) and Pierre Dominguez (Drums) are back together again. With bassist Pruds Marasigan and keyboardist Nino Salazar, they're ready to hit the gig scene once again but this time performing blues favorites. Noel admits that their style is more on the heavy blues side influenced more on rock. BLUETITH is the group's band - Playing at Route 196, Katipunan, Quezon City (near Blue Ridge). Seen last Feb 21, 2008 at 10pm, and also played last June 16 at 70s Bistro 2008.

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