Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rico Blanco - Your Universe (2008)

Rico Blanco was one of the founding members of Filipino rock band Rivermaya, in varying roles as vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and main songwriter from 1993 to 2007. Born in Manila on March 17, 1973). Blanco has so far recorded, written and produced more local and regional number one hits than any other musician since 1994; and has sold over a million albums in the Philippines and Southeast Asia during the period.

In May 2007, Blanco announced his departure from Rivermaya. His last performance with Rivermaya was on May 4, 2007 at the Metro Bar (wherein two other high profile Filipino bands opened the show, Pupil and Sandwich; two spin-off bands of the legendary pop-rock group Eraserheads). It was coincidental that Rico’s first gig as singer for Rivermaya was also held at the Metro Bar (formerly known as Kampo). Furthermore, first ever Rivermaya gig (where Blanco was keyboardist) was in Las Pinas City in 1993 where the band was the opening act for Eraserheads

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Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for Study)
02. Your Universe
03. Yugto
04. Ayuz
05. Helpless
06. Start Again
07. Outta This
08. Para Hindi ka Mawala
09. Antukin
10. Metropolis

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