Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pen-Pen - (Ethnic Rock / OPM)

PEN PEN & Emil Sanglay - (Ethnic Rock)
The original members of PenPen:
Ramon Almazan, Emil Sanglay, Art Narcelles, Bob Nebriaga.

They had a short but memorable stint with Vicor recording, they were included in Freddie Aguilar's album Anak Pinoy. Their first concert was Anak Pinoy, at The Folk Arts Theater after the release of the said album. 1984... They joined the Metro Pop Fest Prof. Division and won 3rd place among other seasoned musicians. During this period, Emil replaced some members of the original band... and that's history.

This hard to find Ethnic Rock Group won various awards in Asia. Listen to the heavy guitar solos of Emil Sanglay in "Anting-anting" and "Sabungan".

TRACKS: (Listen Online or Download For Study)
Anak Pawis
Pen-Pen De Sarapen
Pinagpalang Lupa
Paraisong Naghihintay
Putok sa Buho
Sigaw ng Bundok

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