Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harry Hess - Just another Day (2003)

Harry Hess - Just another Day (2003) - This is a beautifully crafted collection of melodic songs by the voice of Harem Scarem. All the songs on the album are extremely high in quality and full of great lyrics and melodies. Although it sounds a little softer than Harem Scarem's music it still maintains the very high standard of production, performance, and intense melodies we have come to expect of Harem Scarem. I can't believe it took me this long to get Harry Hess's solo album but I am very pleased I did. If you like Harem Scarem's music and especially their style of ballads then you will love this album.

Tracks (download for study)
01. Look Right Through Me
02. Wasted Away
03. Everybody
04. Just Another Day
05. Two Ways
06. The Deep End
07. Undone
08. Why
09. Miles Away
10. Sentimental Blvd