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Chikenfoot - Discography

Chickenfoot is an American rock supergroup, consisting of former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar (vocals) and Michael Anthony (bass), solo artist Joe Satriani (guitar) and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. The band released their self-titled debut album, Chickenfoot, on June 5, 2009. Regarding the band's status as a "supergroup", vocalist Sammy Hagar states: "We’re not a supergroup, we like hanging out together and the music is a bonus. We just happen to be in other groups."

While the band's name and logo reference a disparaging term used to describe the peace symbol, the "footprint of the chicken", bassist Michael Anthony asserts that the name originated from initial jam sessions between Hagar, Smith and himself: "there are three talons on a chicken’s foot and there [were] three of us." Later Anthony stated: "it was just supposed to be a bullshit name that we’d used for a while, and then [when] the rumors spread about the band, everybody used that name so we thought, 'fuck it, let’s call it Chickenfoot' – it all comes down to the music anyway."Chickenfoot have recently finished their second album, Chickenfoot III, which was released on September 27, 2011.

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Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot (2009)
Chickenfoot is the debut studio album by American hard rock band Chickenfoot, released on June 5, 2009 in Europe and the US. The first pressing of the album was packaged with exclusive "heat sensitive" artwork that revealed an image when touched or exposed to heat above 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

On March 20, 2009, the band released two songs, "Soap on a Rope" and "Down the Drain" on their official website. The band's first single, "Oh Yeah", was released to radio stations nationwide, as well as on their official website, on April 13, 2009. On October 7, 2009, the official Chickenfoot website revealed that the album had been certified Gold.

Tracks: (download for study)
(All songs written and composed by Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani, except where noted.)
01. Avenida Revolucion 5:56
02. Soap on a Rope 5:32
03. Sexy Little Thing 4:14
04. Oh Yeah 4:54
05. Runnin' Out 3:52
06. Get It Up 4:41
07. Down the Drain (Hagar, Satriani, Anthony, Smith) 6:17
08. My Kinda Girl 4:32
09. Learning to Fall 5:13
10. Turnin' Left 5:48
11. Future in the Past (Hagar, Satriani, Anthony, Smith) 6:38
12. Bitten by the Wolf (Hagar, Satriani, Smith) [BONUS track not in CD]

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Chickenfoot - III (2011)
The second studio album by American hard rock band Chickenfoot, released on September 27, 2011. The first pressing of the album was packaged in an exclusive 3-D album cover and includes at least 10 to 12 new songs. Despite the title, this is not actually the band's third album. Other rumored titles that have been mentioned include Chickenfoot IV (four). According to Rick Wilson, formerly of Radio Canale Grande, Chickenfoot III is the best product to come out of the Hagar / Satriani camp in many years, and that the new album could be considered the Van Halen record that everyone wished Sammy would have made with them.

Tracks: (download for study)
All songs written and composed by Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani, except where noted.
01. Last Temptation 4:02
02. Alright Alright (Chickenfoot) 4:39
03. Different Devil (Hagar, Satriani, Chad Smith) 4:24
04. Up Next 4:33
05. Lighten Up 5:12
06. Come Closer 4:08

07. Three and a Half Letters 4:07
08. Big Foot 3:49
09. Dubai Blues 5:02
10. Something Going Wrong 5:16
11. No Change (Hidden track) (Chickenfoot) 4:24

This album was recognized by Grammy Awards (2012) as "Best Recording Package"
Chad failed to toured with this second album because of the 10th Album of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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