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Crucified Barbara - Discography

Stockholm, Sweden. Although none of its members are older than 25, half of Crucified Barbara – bassist Ida Evileye and guitarist Klara Force – has been playing together for more than a decade. After meeting drummer Nicki Wicked, the group was officially founded – and named – in 1998, when the band attended Denmark’s legendary Roskilde Festival and came across an unexpected sight in a nearby forest: a blow-up doll attached to a crucifix. (In Sweden, such dolls are called “barbaras.”) At first, the band’s sound was punk-based, but over time, it evolved into an edgy, heavy metal-influenced brand of fiery rock n’ roll.

In 2001, Mia Coldheart joined the group as lead guitarist, but she would soon become the group’s lead singer as well. Over the next three years, the band gigged around Sweden extensively, eventually signing with GMR, an independent label based in their hometown. At the end of 2004, GMR released the group’s first single, “Losing The Game,” which hit #8 on the Swedish singles charts.

Upon the European release of In Distortion We Trust soon afterwards, Crucified Barbara got their first taste of international acclaim as they began to tour outside their native country. The summer of 2005 was highlighted by a performance at the U.K.’s Download Festival alongside the likes of Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver and System of a Down. Since then, the band has continued to tour Europe steadily, which they’ll continue to do throughout 2006. In fact, this summer’s festival season looks to be even brighter, as the quartet will play with the likes of Within Temptation in the Czech Republic, Dio in Germany, Doro in Belgium, and even Guns N’ Roses in Italy.

On its overdue North American release, In Distortion We Trust features one bonus track – a blistering cover of Motorhead’s “Killed By Death” – as well as music videos for each of the group’s three singles released in their home country. And even though English isn’t their native tongue, it’s clear they’ve mastered the language on songs like “My Heart Is Black,” when vocalist Coldheart issues a warning-cum-mission statement: Life’s a bitch, and so am I, you see / I dedicate my love to a Flying V.

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The first album by Swedish band Crucified Barbara. It was first released in Sweden in 2005. It was recorded in PAMA Studios/Blakk Records in Kristianopel in Sweden and produced and engineered by Mankan Sedenberg. The recordings were finished, mixed and mastered at the beginning of summer. The first single, "Losing the Game," and the accompanying video were released in December.

Crucified Barbara - In Distortion We Trust (2005)

Tracks: (Listen Online as you click a song or download for Study)
01. Play Me Hard (The Bachelor's Guitar)
02. In Distortion We Trust
03. Losing The Game
04. Motorfucker
05. I Need A Cowboy From Hell
06. My Heart Is Black
07. Hide 'Em All
08. Going Down
09. I Wet Myself
10. Rock' n' Roll Bachelor
11. Bad Hangover

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Crucified Barbara - 'Til Death Do Us Party (2009)

Tracks: (Listen Online as you click a song or download for Study)
01. Killer On His Knees - 03:58
02. Pain & Pleasure - 03:37
03. Sex Action - 03:00
04. Creatures - 03:46
05. Jennyfer - 03:49
06. Dark Side - 03:44
07. Can't Handle Love - 03:32
08. Blackened Bones - 04:02
09. Danger Danger - 03:33
10. Rats - 03:52
11. Feels Like Death - 03:33

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Extreme - Discography

Extreme is an American rock band, headed by frontmen Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt, that reached the height of their popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Among some of Extreme's musical influences are Queen and Van Halen. (Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt joined Queen onstage at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992 and Gary Cherone joined Van Halen in 1996); The band have described their music as 'Funky Metal'.

Selling over 10 million albums worldwide with their 1990 album Pornograffitti, which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200, and was certified gold in May 1991 and 2×platinum in October 1992. That album featured the acoustic ballad single "More Than Words", which reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in the United States.

Extreme was formed in Malden, Massachusetts, in 1985. Vocalist Gary Cherone and drummer Paul Geary were in a band called The Dream ("Extreme" is a derivation of Cherone and Geary's former band "The Dream", meaning "Ex-Dream"). Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt was in a band called Sinful, and bassist Pat Badger was playing with a Berklee-based outfit called In The Pink. Following an altercation between the rival groups over communal dressing rooms, the four decided to form a new band together.

Cherone and Bettencourt began writing songs together and the band played numerous shows in the Boston area. They gradually developed a strong local following, and were named "Outstanding Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Act" at the Boston Music Awards in 1986 and 1987. The
band had accumulated several original songs by the time A&R director Bryan Huttenhower signed them to A&M Records in 1988. The band then recorded their self-titled debut album which was issued in 1989. The first single was "Kid Ego," a song that Cherone would later admit made him cringe. The final track on the album, "Play With Me," was used as the "mall chase" song in the film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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Extreme - Pornograffitti (1990)

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for Study)
01. Decadence Dance - 6:49
02. Li'l Jack Horny - 4:51
03. When I'm President - 4:21
04. Get The Funk Out - 4:24
05. More Than Words - 5:34
06. Money (In God We Trust) - 4:11
07. It ('s a Monster) - 4:24
08. Pornograffitti - 6:15
09. When I First Kissed You - 4:00
10. Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) - 3:38
11. He-Man Woman Hater (with intro) - 6:20
12. Song For Love - 5:55
13. Hole Hearted - 3:39

The vinyl LP version did not feature "Hole Hearted".
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David Lee Roth - Discography

David Lee Roth
Birthday: October 10 1954
Birth place: Bloomington, Indiana,USA
Birth Name: David Lee Roth (AKA: Diamond Dave, Dave Roth, David Lee Roth)

We all remember Van Halen for their big 80s hit Jump in 1984. This song reached the # 1 in the Billboard charts. In 1985, David decided to branch out on his own. His solo career was a total success. Crazy From the Heat was his first hit. After his departure, Roth characterized Van Halen's music as "morose". David was against having too many synthesizers in the Van Halen sound.

David Lee Roth - Skyscraper (1988)
Skyscraper was the second full-length album by David Lee Roth (of Van Halen), released in 1988. It was the last to feature guitarist Steve Vai as he left the group in 1989 to join Whitesnake and continue his solo career. Bassist Billy Sheehan would also leave the group before the tour to eventually form Mr. Big. This album also contained one pop hit single, "Just Like Paradise", which reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Tracks: Tracks: (Download for Study)
All songs written by Roth/Vai unless otherwise noted.

01. Knucklebones - (Bissonette/Roth) – 3:18
02. Just Like Paradise - (Roth/Tuggle) – 4:03
03. The Bottom Line - 3:37
04. Skyscraper - 3:38
05. Damn Good - 5:49
06. Hot Dog And A Shake - 3:19
07. Stand Up - 4:39
08. Hina - 4:40
09. Perfect Timing - (Roth/Tuggle) – 3:41
10. Two Fools A Minute - 4:28

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David Lee Roth - A Little Ain't Enough (1991)
In 1985, while still with Van Halen, singles like California Girls and Just a Gigolo were 80s hits due the ridiculous characters created by Roth. Since then, David Lee Roth has released several platinum and solo albums. In 1991, Roth released his hard rock album A Little Ain't Enough, Jason Becker played in the album, but he had to be replaced by Joe Holmes, cause he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's diseased.

Tracks: (Listen Online as you click or Download for Study)
01. A Lil Aint Enough
02. Shoot It
03. Lady Luck
04. Hammerhead Shark
05. Tell The Truth
06. Baby's On Fire
07. 40 Below
08. Sensible Shoes
09. Last Call
10. The Dogtown Shuffle
11. It's Showtime
12. Drop in The Bucket

In 1993, David Lee Roth was arrested in New York with 24 other people on drug charges, for purchasing marijuana from an undercover cop. He described it as : "$10 worth of Jamaican, bunk reefer man". In 1994, David Lee Roth released Your Filthy Little Mouth, an intricate album that combined rock, reggae, hip hop, lounge and others. In 1995, Roth devised and performed an adult lounge act in Las Vegas casinos, featuring Nile Rodgers, Edgar Winter, and members of the Miami Sound Machine.

On June 1996, David reunited with Van Halen for a brief time. They recorded two songs for Van Halen's Best of Volume 1 Album: Can't Get This stuff No More and Me Wise Magic. On September, at the MTV Video Music Awards, Roth and Eddie Van Halen threatened each other. After this infamous appearance, Roth left and was replaced by Gary Cherone.

In 1997, David released his book Crazy From the Heat, where he revealed that he speaks spanish, he likes climbing and traveling to third world countries. He also talks about his experiences as child, teen and adult while playing in Van Halen. In 2003, Roth released Diamond Dave. On December 31, he played a night one sold out New Year's Eve show at the House of Blues in Hollywood.

In 2006, David Lee Roth toured the United States, performing classic van Halen's hits, as well as song from his solo career. On March 29, Roth was taken off the air, saying that he would return on March 31, but when he returned the format of his show had changed drastically, which fans disliked. The show was cancelled after Roth began complaining that his show was not able to take calls or emails, so he started to read the stories, only getting throught halfway through a story before commenting he didn't care about it. However CBS pulled the plug on him and didn't allow him to say good-bye to his fans.

That year, he obtained a Private Pilot license for rotor craft-helicopter. In 2006, he also recorded the album Strumming with the Devil, a Van Halen tribute album.

In 2007, David rejoined Van Halen for a North American tour, the highest grossing tour in the band history. On June 5, 2008, Van Halen announced their 2007-2008 Tour with David Lee Roth. They played to nearly one million people during 74 arena shows though USA and Canada, beginning on September 27, 2007, in Charlotte, N.C. and wrapping June 3, 2008, in Quebec City for its 400th anniversary.

David lee Roth is living in New York city since the late 90s. He trained as an Emergency Medical Technician and worked as such for some time. Even with this job, he was ranked No.100 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artist.

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