Friday, January 15, 2010

Backdraft - Backdraft (OPM / Rock)

Backdraft - Backdraft
Self Titled Album of the heavy Metal Band Backdraft. Used to be airplayed in Pinoy Radio. Sound Original yet local. A hard to find album nowadays.

TRACKS:(Listen Online Or download for Study)

01. Mag-ingat Ka (4:48)
02. Dama De Noche (3:55)
03. Sinungaling (4:05)
04. S.M.B. Sad Man Ballad (6:02)
05. Munting Hari (4:35)
06. Manyika (5:32)
07. Asong Ulol (4:52)
08. Isang Babae (3:03)
09. Hoy! (5:16)
10. Himig Natin (4:19)
11. Anak Ng Gabi (4:21)

Dahong Palay - Kapatirang bakal At Apoy (OPM / Rock)

Dahong Palay - KAPATIRAN NG BAKAL AT APOY (1996)
Released by Ivory Records - January 1st, 1996
One of the best Heavy Metal Pinoy bands who emerged in 1990's. Originally pinoy rock certified. Where they are now? we don't know.

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for Study)
01. Kapatiran Ng Bakal At Apoy 05:02
02. At Muling Sumikat Ang Araw 06:19
03. Panginoon Ng Hangin 05:26
04. Kandilang Itim 05:08
05. The god's Eternal Sleep 03:13
06. Lihim Ni Eurd 04:45
07. Immortal 06:55
08. Talim 05:11
09. Sinapupunan 02:45
10. Hangman's tree 04:30
11. Sa Bibig Ng Impyerno 03:40
12. War and peace 04:26
13. Angel of mercy 04:22

The Jerks - The Jerks (OPM / Rock)

The Jerks is a Filipino Rock band formed around 1979 under the rule of Marcos. Friends Chikoy Pura and Nitoy Adriano met and are among of the founding members. Chikoy deals the vocals while Nitoy on guitars. Boy Matriano (bass), Flor Mendoza (drums) and Gil Dauag (harmonica) eventually joined-in. Jun Lopito, a renowned guitarist enrolled later that year but left on early ‘90s.

On 1997, The Jerks signed a contract deal with Star Records. Under the label, they have recorded and released their self-titled sophomore album, which garnered the award as Album of the Year at NU 107. On the same year, another album entitled "Haligi Ng Maynila" was released under Star Records. This gave the band the opportunity to gather more audience and established their fanbase.

* Album of the Year- “The Jerks”, NU 107 1997
* Rock Song of the Year- “Rage”, Katha Awards 1998
* Best Album- “Haligi Ng Maynila”, NU Rock Awards 1998
* Best Rock Song- “Reklamo Ng Reklamo”, Katha Music Awards 1998

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download For Study)
01. Haligi Ng Maynila
02. All The Lies She Said
03. Bitterfly
04. And He Says
05. Rage
06. Sayaw sa Bubog
07. Reklamo Ng Reklamo
08. Malayo Na Ang Puso
09. Panambitan
10. Tambol
11. Nukleyar
12. Kung Di Man

* * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hale - Discography (OPM / Alternative Rock)

Hale is an alternative rock band from Manila, Philippines, composed of Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada, and Paolo Santiago. Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada and Paolo Santiago were all music majors from University of Santo Tomas, Champ Lui-Pio was from De La Salle University - College of Saint Benilde and their former drummer Omnie Saroca was from Technological University of the Philippines. All four of them met up to form Hale in mid-2004 and soon after signed up to EMI Philippines (now PolyEast Records).

Gold Award (15, 000 units) for debut album Hale (June 2005)
Platinum Award (30, 000 units) for debut album Hale (August 2005)
Double Platinum Award (60, 000 units) for debut album Hale (November 2005)
Triple Platinum Award (90, 000 units) for debut album Hale (May 2006)
Gold Award (15, 000 units) for sophomore album Twilight (October 2006)

* * * * * * * * * *
Hale - Hale (2005)
The self-titled debut album by OPM Filipino band Hale, released on April 2005 under EMI Philippines. The album contains the singles Broken Sonnet, the award-winning and well-received The Day You Said Goodnight, Kahit Pa, Kung Wala Ka and Blue Sky, together with Tollgate which can be found in Hale (Special Edition). It was certified Triple Platinum (90, 000 copies sold) on May 2006.

Tracks: (Listen Online Or Download For Study)
01. Take No (3:56)
02. Broken Sonnet (5:07)
03. Blue Sky (4:46)
04. The Day You Said Goodnight (4:51)
05. Wishing (4:46)
06. Here Tonight (5:51)
07. Kahit Pa (3:55)
08. Life Support (4:34)
09. Underneath The Waves (4:41)
10. Runaway (4:27)
11. Bent Down (4:07)
12. Kung Wala Ka (4:02)

* * * * * * * * * *

Hale - Twilight (2006)

(Listen Online Or Download For Study)
01. Last Song
02. Fire In The Sky
03. Empty Tears Empty Heart
04. The Ballad Of
05. Waltz
06. Hide And Seek
07. Eyes Wide Shut
08. Liham
09. Shooting Star
10. 7,8
11. Elegy
12. Dahil Sa'yo Sa Himig Ng Aking Gitara
13. Starting Over
14. Brothers

* * * * * * * * * *

Hale - Above Over And Beyond (2008)

(Listen Online Or Download For Study)
01. Over And Over (And Over Again)
02. This Is A Happy Song
03. Sundown
04. Pitong Araw
05. Sandali Na Lang
06. The End
07. Requiem
08. Back From Beginning
09. Tama Na Ba?
10. Skip The Drama
11. Hagatna Bay
12. Treehouse
13. Leap Of Faith

* * * * * * * * * *

Hale - Kundiman (2009)
The band's 4th effort, Kundiman, was released on July 27, 2009, with its first single, Bahay Kubo, released on June 27, 2009. The band was set to promote their fourth album in July 2009.
Of all eight songs in the album, written in Tagalog, seven were written by Champ Lui Pio and the album's Yakap by Roll Martinez. They also sought guidance with Mayonnaise's Angee Rozul and Monty Macalino in the song composition and arrangements of the album

Tracks:(Listen Online Or Download For Study)
01. Intro
02. Bahay Kubo
03. Kalesa
04. Aso’t Pusa
05. Ulap
06. Magkaibang Mundo
07. Bulalakaw
08. Yakap
09. Harinawa
10. Outro

* * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anak Bayan - Anak Bayan (1977) (OPM / Pinoy Rock)

Anak Bayan - originally released in 1977 [although recorded in 1973], this collection shows the influence of Western progressive music and culture, but has a truly unique approach, a classic slice of 'Pinoy Rock'! Psych legends and underground gypsy artist ANAK BAYAN. This is a white rabbit style effort with very Psychedelic leads, movements and fuzz. A classic and must be heard to be described, Pinoy Rock and Jeepney Rock were the local names for this Psych rock movement. Members of ANAK BAYAN were actually the original core musicians of the legendary Juan de la Cruz Band. Drummer Edmond Fortuno's previous band D'swooners were so big in Japan and his wild drumming style really stood out from the rest that he eventually caught the attention of the Plastic Ono band who offered him a drumming stint... Unfortunately, he had to go home. These songs are a collection of recordings that were done in 1973 and were lost for almost 4 years until the tapes resurfaced in '77. It was then mixed and released under A&W records. This is the only album this supergroup ever came out with, and all the original members, except for the sax player, have passed away.

AnakBayan (1971-1977):
Edmond Fortuno (deceased) - drum,
Sonny Tolentino (deceased) - bass guitar,
Alex Cruz - saxophone,
Bing Labrador (deceased) - keyboard,
Vic Naldo (deceased) - lead guitar.

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download For Study)
01. Ang Probinsyana
02. Tayo'y Magpapawis
03. Habang Buhay
04. Tayo'y Magsayaw
05. Bangungot
06. Double Crosser
07. Laging May Kinabukasan
08. Jeepney Rock

* * * * * * * * * *

Arkasia - Arkasia (OPM / Pinoy Rock)

Arkasia is a Pinoy Rock Group, composed of Paul Sapiera (Lead Vocals & Guitars), Allan Sanmillan (Bassist), Rodel Agsalud (Drums) & Norman Quimson (Keyboards & Guitars). They are like semi-Stryper (the Gospel Metal band), because some of their lyrics tends to lead the people to focus on Spiritual matters. Hear the track "Welcome" & "Time for Everything" - see Eclesiastes chapter 3.

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for Study)
01 - Welcome
02 - Bourbon Sky
03 - Lumaban Ka
04 - Malayang Musika
05 - Dahil Sa'yo
06 - Di Magsasawa
07 - Giliw
08 - Huwag Na Sana
09 - Himig
10 - Holdin' On
11 - Time For Everything

Rodel Agsalud reads Christian books specially The Bible.

* * * * * * * * * *

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rockstar - Mahal Pa Rin Kita (OPM / Rock)

Rockstar is a Philippine rock band who were very popular during the late 1990's. With Paul Sapiera as the Main Vocals & lead Axe, the songs "Mahal Pa Rin Kita" and "Parting Time" became a success. But due to lack of Promotion and live Concerts of this rock group, the were forced to end their contract with Viva Records and concentrated as an Independent Rock band as Arkasia. Here's their Debut Album as Rockstar.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Rockstar - Rockstar

(Listen Online or Download for Study)
01. Impossible Winner
02. Parting Time
03. Mahal pa Rin Kita
04. Krisinata
05. In My Dreams
06. Mahal Mo Rin Ako
07. Sinta
08. Nobody
09. Giliw Ko
10. Ikaw

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rico Blanco - Your Universe (2008)

Rico Blanco was one of the founding members of Filipino rock band Rivermaya, in varying roles as vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and main songwriter from 1993 to 2007. Born in Manila on March 17, 1973). Blanco has so far recorded, written and produced more local and regional number one hits than any other musician since 1994; and has sold over a million albums in the Philippines and Southeast Asia during the period.

In May 2007, Blanco announced his departure from Rivermaya. His last performance with Rivermaya was on May 4, 2007 at the Metro Bar (wherein two other high profile Filipino bands opened the show, Pupil and Sandwich; two spin-off bands of the legendary pop-rock group Eraserheads). It was coincidental that Rico’s first gig as singer for Rivermaya was also held at the Metro Bar (formerly known as Kampo). Furthermore, first ever Rivermaya gig (where Blanco was keyboardist) was in Las Pinas City in 1993 where the band was the opening act for Eraserheads

* * * * * * * * * *

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for Study)
02. Your Universe
03. Yugto
04. Ayuz
05. Helpless
06. Start Again
07. Outta This
08. Para Hindi ka Mawala
09. Antukin
10. Metropolis

* * * * * * * * * *

Hayp - Hayp (Debut Album.1991) OPM

HAYP - was form back in the late 80's, won the national battle of the bands, Cynthia Ayala Alexander won the Best Bass Player Award at the Yamaha Band Explosion National Finals in 1989 and again "Best Bass Player Award" at the 1989 World Band Explosion Finals held in Tokyo. The band’s debut album was released in 1991 on Wea records.

This album hit the airwaves with their hit songs "Elaine" and "I'll wait for you". Hayp were regulars at Manila underground venues such as Club Dredd and Mayric's.
There's lack of info what happen to this Band.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jr. Guerrero - vocals,
Noel Mendez - guitars,
Cynthia Ayala Alexander - bass,
Mike Llacar - keyboards,
Pierre Dominguez - drums

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for study)
I'll Wait For You (4:17)
Caught In The Crossfire (4:31)
Ngayon Ang Panahon (4:00)
Landas (4:23)
Hanggang Sa Muli (3:38)
LRT Swing (4:38)
Elaine (5:06)
I Dream Of You (4:53)
Sama-Sama (4:56)

Noel Mendez (Guitars) and Pierre Dominguez (Drums) are back together again. With bassist Pruds Marasigan and keyboardist Nino Salazar, they're ready to hit the gig scene once again but this time performing blues favorites. Noel admits that their style is more on the heavy blues side influenced more on rock. BLUETITH is the group's band - Playing at Route 196, Katipunan, Quezon City (near Blue Ridge). Seen last Feb 21, 2008 at 10pm, and also played last June 16 at 70s Bistro 2008.

* * * * * * * * * *

Identity Crisis - Discography (OPM)

Identity Crisis - Formed in 1986, they became one of the pioneering alternative bands in the Philippines. Their signature sound, catchy melodies, gothic outfits and mysterious identities has made the band an underground favorite garnering fans from all over the country. Releasing their first album in 1987, “Tale of Two”, has reshaped Philippine music. From appearing on TV variety shows to performing live concerts nationwide, Identity Crisis, was nominated in the prestigious ALIW Awards for Best New Artist.

Their second album released in 1991, “Water Came Running”, earned a tremendous amount of respect from their musical colleagues, mainly for the bands “ahead of their time” songwriting and arrangements, which until this very day, still sounds fresh from the studios. After appearing in several compilation albums, Identity Crisis, packed up their instruments and called it a day. Several producers have approached the members, hoping to spark a reunion concert but there are no immediate plans. Currently the members of Identity Crisis are involved in their personal careers in the field of architecture, culinary, the airline industry, broadcasting and information technology. In 2006, one of the most popular bands in the Philippines, Rivermaya, released an all-cover album containing songs from the 80's, in which two (2) of Identity Crisis' songs, My Sanctuary and Sumigaw, Umawit ka, were featured. Identity Crisis, to this very day, is considered a major and important influence in the alternative and undergound music scene in the Philippines. Their record label is Dyna Records Philippines (1986-1991).

Band Members:
Cool Carla - Vocals

Buddy 'Boy' Arceo - Vocals

Leni Llapitan - Keyboards & Programming

Resty Cornejo - Guitars

Bogs Ambrosio - Bass

Marvin Mendiola - Drums

* * * * * * * * * *

Identity Crisis - Tale Of Two (1989)

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for study)
01. Imagining October
02. Whispering Castles
03. Blank Pages
04. Sumigaw, Umawit Ka
05. My Sanctuary
06. When the Sun Will Shine
07. Requiem
08. Anthem

* * * * * * * * * *

Identity Crisis - Water Came Running (1991)

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download for study)
01. Where Wild Things Grow
02. Golden Age
03. Image of The Orient
04. Hidden Face
05. Water Came Running
06. Behind the Line
07. In This World
08. Will I Ever Know
09. Pangarap
10. With One Mind

Bogs Ambrosio, (Bassist of Identity Crisis), passed away in the morning of February 9, 2009. He had a heart attack while jogging around his place in Singapore. Arleingh “Bogs” Ambrosio is now at Veronica Funeral along A. Arnaiz (Libertad), Pasay City . The last night of his wake is expected on Wednesday (18-Feb). Interment is on Feb 19, 8am. Final resting place of Bogs will be at the Heritage Memorial grounds.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fire - Fire (Debut Album)

Fire is a rock duo (Ana & Soraya) emerged in The Philippines during the 1980's-1990's. Ana wrote the song "heartbreak" for Fire but never intended to give it to Manilyn Reynes. Soraya is a muslim princess. Her dad was a datu and her mother a Christian..but Soraya never hated her dad. He was killed in an amubush when he was the mayor of Cotabato. Soraya's mom died of hepatitis after 4 years and Soraya went to Manila later to be known as the rebel princess.

Tracks (Listen Online or Download for Study)

01. Teka
02. Heartbreak
03. Mag-Rock n Roll
04. Sige Na, Sige Na
05. One Of Them
06. Babae
07. Ganyan Lang Ang Pagsubok
08. Ang Barkada

* * * * * * * * * *