Friday, January 15, 2010

The Jerks - The Jerks (OPM / Rock)

The Jerks is a Filipino Rock band formed around 1979 under the rule of Marcos. Friends Chikoy Pura and Nitoy Adriano met and are among of the founding members. Chikoy deals the vocals while Nitoy on guitars. Boy Matriano (bass), Flor Mendoza (drums) and Gil Dauag (harmonica) eventually joined-in. Jun Lopito, a renowned guitarist enrolled later that year but left on early ‘90s.

On 1997, The Jerks signed a contract deal with Star Records. Under the label, they have recorded and released their self-titled sophomore album, which garnered the award as Album of the Year at NU 107. On the same year, another album entitled "Haligi Ng Maynila" was released under Star Records. This gave the band the opportunity to gather more audience and established their fanbase.

* Album of the Year- “The Jerks”, NU 107 1997
* Rock Song of the Year- “Rage”, Katha Awards 1998
* Best Album- “Haligi Ng Maynila”, NU Rock Awards 1998
* Best Rock Song- “Reklamo Ng Reklamo”, Katha Music Awards 1998

Tracks: (Listen Online or Download For Study)
01. Haligi Ng Maynila
02. All The Lies She Said
03. Bitterfly
04. And He Says
05. Rage
06. Sayaw sa Bubog
07. Reklamo Ng Reklamo
08. Malayo Na Ang Puso
09. Panambitan
10. Tambol
11. Nukleyar
12. Kung Di Man

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