Friday, June 11, 2010

2 guys From Petra - Vertical Expressions (2007)

2 guys From Petra - Vertical Expressions (2007)
At the time of Petra's retirement at the end of 2005, the future was unclear for Bob and John. Both were pursuing other ventures outside of the music business when Bob received an invitation from Canada to lead worship for a youth retreat. Bob immediately thought of teaming with John, much to the delight of the sponsors. As Bob began arranging popular worship songs for the duo to perform, it became obvious that it wouldn't be much harder to make an album together. After several months of work it was time to christen the new venture. Should they call themselves Bob and John...or Schlitt and Hartman? They elected to call themselves what they suspected people would call them inevitably..."Oh...that's two guys from Petra"!

01. Come, Now is the Time
02. Trading My Sorrows
03. God Of Wonders
04. Draw Me Close
05. Here I am to Worship
06. My Redeemer Lives
07. Lord Reign In Me
08. We Fall Down
09. Blessed be Your Name
10. Lord I Lift your Name On high (live)
11. Judas Kiss (Live)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Petra - Farewell DVDRip (2005)

Petra - Farewell DVD
Farewell is the last album released by Christian rock band Petra. It was released in 2005. A DVD of the concert was released in 2006. This is the second live album of the band and it was recorded during the bands Farewell tour in Franklin, Tennessee on October 4, 2005. The concert features guest appearances by two former members of the band: singer Greg X. Volz and keyboardist John Lawry.

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01 - All About Who You Know
02 - Dance
03 - Amazing Grace
04 - Test Of Time
05 - Creed
06 - Right Place
07 -Rock Medley: Sight Unseen/It Is Finished/Think Twice/I Am On The Rock/Midnight Oil/Mine Field/This Means War/It Is Finished
08 - Jekyll & Hyde
09 - Acoustic Set: Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows/Road To Zion/More Power To Ya/For Annie/No Doubt/The Coloring Song/Love
10 - Grave Robber
11 - Keyboard Solo (featuring John Lawry)
12 - Beyond Belief
13 - Guitar Solo (featuring Bob Hartman)
14 - He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

* There were three songs that didn't make it into the album or DVD. This were "Judas' Kiss", "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" and "C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N". The first two were cut to save space, while the latter wasn't intended to be in the CD. "Just something for fun we threw in" as Hartman said.

* During one of the takes of Hartman's guitar solo, he broke a string. While he was fixing it, Paul Simmons delivered an impromptu drum solo. To the dismay of fans of the band, this was also cut from the album and DVD. As the president of Inpop Records said "That was really spontaneous, if you remember... We did not get a clean run at it."

Project Damage Control - 2005

Project Damage Control is Alan Sandifer and Brent Handy.
In 2004, Brent organized the reunion of Alan Sandifer, Phil Bland, Wayne Howard, Stan Lindley and Randy Smith, formerly of Picture This (Star Song Records) and Heart Attack. This was to be a one time re-recording of old material for posterity. Phil was unable to play. The project experienced several set-backs, most importantly Wayne's motorcycle accident. Alan, Wayne and Brent continued to develop new material as a result of these events. Some of Alan and Brent's friends added their services, as did John Schlitt of (Petra, Head East) and drummer Louie Weaver (Petra, Viktor).

Project Damage Control - was finally released in March 15, 2005 receiving positive reviews.

* Alan Sandifer - rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards
* Brent Handy - keyboards and rhythm guitar
* John Schlitt - vocals
* Louie Weaver - drums
* Christian Dean - drums
* George New - rhythm, lead and bass guitars
* Michael Vines - lead guitars
* John Schlitt - Louie Weaver (Petra) - Project Damage Control

* * * * * * * * * *

01. Dreamscape
02. Somewhere
03. Liar
04. New Jerusalem
05. Surrender
06. Lost
07. Wonder
08. Lay Me Down
09. Heaven
10. Try Again

* * * * * * * * * *